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Camera tilt problems

We’ve experiencing som problems with the camera tilt. After flashing of the pixhawk everything works fine but all of a sudden it stops working.
We’re using ardusub version 4.02, companion 0.0.24
Same problem occurs on multiple ROVs, not only a specific one.

Hi @arend ,

Does this persist after multiple boots, until you re-flash the Pixhawk?

Can you share some dataflash logs?
I’m particularly interested in checking if the servo output is changing correctly.

Hi @williangalvani,
Yes, it doesnt help to boot, the only thing we saw helped was to reflash the pixhawk.
X301-C_0.0.24-A_4.0.2.bin (412.0 KB)

Hi @arend

I can see the issue happening in the log. I’ll try to replicate it.

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Hi @williangalvani ,

Did you manage to replicate the issue ?

Hi @arend ,

I have not. I have ran a pixhawk for hours multiple times trying to replicate this, with no issues. I even loaded your parameters (they are in the .bin file) to try to replicate it, but not success so far.

Is there a way to trigger it? Or maybe a timeframe after turning on/arming when it is most likely to happen?

Additionally, could you set LOG_DISARMED = 1 and reboot to start logging at boot?

This is the data in your log:

You can clearly see it not working (both pitch and RCIN.C8 should affect RCOUT.C10, but only pitch is doing so), but I think there’s information missing from before arming.

Hi @williangalvani,
Thank you for the replay, that was unfortunate.
We have set the LOG_DISARMED parameter and logged again. hopefully that will be more helpful.

X301-C_0.0.24-A_4.0.2-290121.bin (732.0 KB)

Hi @arend

The issue is pretty clear in this new log, thanks for that. We’re still having a hard time tracking what is causing it, though, and so I have additional questions.

What QGC version are you running?

Can you find the telemetry log of this last log you shared? It has information that is not in the dataflash logs that could be useful.

Hi @williangalvani
We’re using QGC version 4.0.5,
I’m pasting a link for a telemetry log we took.
First part the log show the camera tilt issue, second part of the log is not related to the camera tilt issue.

Hi. Any update on this? :smiley:


Unfortunately we were unable to replicate the issue locally. We can see it happening in the logs, but we are unable to replicate it.

If more people face this issue, please comment here and we can raise its priority.

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