Camera Tilt Limit Settings

Hi people. My camera seems to be mounted correctly to the tilt servo motor - when the camera hits the mechanical limit it’s vertical. In reality the view when at the lower limit is about 60 degrees and the image is of the inside of the electronics tube, but the upper limit is only about 45 degrees. Is there a way to adjust the tilt limits in QGC? Thanks!

you can change the degree in qgroundcontrol camera setting

Thanks for the tip sunnyroover. I check out the cam settings and didn’t think that tilt limits were an option. Is it one of the parameters in this image?

Adjust the limits by changing the numbers in the ‘Servo pwm limits’ field on the camera setup tab.

The parameters in question are the SERVOn_MAX and SERVOn_MIN parameters where n is the output channel that you have connected the servo to.


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Thanks Jacob - that did the trick.