Setup tilt angle

hi guys i have a new versions of bluerobotics also, but i found several problem to change MIN and MAX tlit angle.
I tried to modify from the parameters and are limited to -18000 to 17999 i tried to set up more but nothing change. how can i do to solve it?

at the moment i reset bluos to factory but a tried beta version also.

thank you so much

I’m sorry i found the solution i changed directly servo pwm

Hi @Eli,

Assuming you’re talking about the MNT_ANG{MIN,MAX}_TIL parameters (“Gimbal angle limits” in QGC’s Camera Setup page), those numbers are for display and/or advanced control purposes, and are not currently used by ArduSub.

Different servos have different angle ranges for the same PWM range, so the intention is to set the “Servo PWM limits” (SERVOn_{MIN,MAX}) based on what works for your servo, and then set the “Gimbal angle limits” based on the angle range that the servo holds at the specified PWM values.

Glad you managed to find the solution on your own :slight_smile: