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Camera servo sound


The servo that controls de position of the camera in the BlueROV2 is making a sound. It stops when I touch it (I suppose because it reaches certain position) however when I touch it again or move it with the controller it sounds again.

There is no problem whatsoever with moving the servo using the Xbox controller. Everything seems to work fine apart of this constant “beep” sound.

Here is a video where this problem can be appreciated. You may need to turn your volume up a bit.

Hi @Alex_UJI1,

Yeah, this is really common with digital servos. Basically the angular sensor is more precise than the available position steps, so you’ll command it to an angle, and it will go as close as it physically can but doesn’t have fine enough control to get exactly where the sensor wants it to be, so will be continuously trying to get closer. When you touch it you’ll notice there’s a little bit of play in the mechanism (it can rotate slightly), and when you push it to closer to the desired position then the noise stops.

It can be a bit annoying, but it’s at least a normal and expected phenomenon, and shouldn’t cause any particular issues. It should be much harder to hear when you’ve got your enclosure on :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answer. After almost two years of working with a BlueROV I have never heard this noise before, or maybe I didn’t put enough attention to it. Glad to see it is nothing serious :slight_smile:

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