BlueROV2 ESC problem

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This is a continuation from the thread “Having an issue with Firmware”

It started with QGC not recognizing the vehicle was a ROV2 so the frame setup was all out of whack (pixhawk came with 3.5 dev firmware). After sorting the firmware to the proper vectored version and calibrating the joystick with opposite sticks, motors were finally activating as expected, except the rear port one, or motor 4 on assembly page, which would only ever spin in 1 direction. The values in mavlink for servos 3 and 4 are always moving in pairs, but 4 doesn’t always spin, even if the numbers move. The min/max values are 1567/1433 for servos 3 and 4, with 25% gain. With 100% gain the numbers go up/down to 1768/1232 for both servos.

The last instructions I got were to switch any 2 wires on that troublesome ESC 4 that was only spinning in 1 direction. It’s still spinning only 1 way, but now it’s opposite of what it was before.
Also, I’m getting spammed with “no IO thread heartbeat” message in QGC every time I power on the ROV and plug everything in and unless the SD card gets corrupted every power cycle on the ROV, it shouldn’t be happening, I think.

Thanks for reading

That’s annoying, maybe we can find a solution or workaround for this type of situation. I’ll ask Rustom about the forum settings.

It sounds like you have received an ESC without the forward/reverse firmware. Please contact, and we can ship you a replacement immediately.

It sounds like the SD card in the Pixhawk has gone bad, and needs to be replaced. In the meantime, you can set the parameter LOG_BACKEND_TYPE to None to suppress this warning. This will turn off logging to the SD card, and is not recommended as a long term solution.

I think the reply limit has been lifted when I created a new topic, but it might be useful to fix it for future users with a similar issue.

I’ve sent an email with the shipping address.

And sorry to sound so finicky, but is the SD card included in the warranty?

In any case, thank you very much for the help :slight_smile: