BlueRov2 Waiting Vehicle Connection & Ardusub Site Error


New BlueROV2 build complete, started to connect and add software. First time round with no changes to any setting I got onto the ardusub network site and logged in, (waiting vehicle connection) My laptop rebooted when I stepped away for a few minutes. Opened browser to check but cannot get onto site and waiting vehicle connection.

I have gone through setup over and over but no positive result, specific firewalls setting to suit setup but no change. Turn firewall off completely and still no change. Rebooted system, antivirus and bluerov2 several times but no change. Uninstalled QGroundControl and reinstalled but no change.

Power light and and link active light green and tried all usb connections on laptop but no change.

Ping seems ok, ip config seems ok, firewall seems ok

QGround Control - comms added to reflect port value no change, then port value changed to show video but waiting video feed!

Also rechecked all cables in BlueRov2 and all connected as per installation, on purchase the blue and white twisted pair had a slightly loose connection in housing, this was taped up to insure secure connection and distributor advised of this. In housing pixhawk lights also no longer coming (loose connection, retaining clips extended out and appears to be a bit more secure, with pwr lights green and act light blue with centre light blue. Front of circuit board labeling act power the red light permanently on a green light beside goes off after power up. On that ethernet connection on the board the ude connector (one green and one amber)

Screenshots uploaded

Currently 2020-11-21T00:00:00Z

Try disabling the WiFi. Maybe it works if only one network adapter is enabled.

Unfortunately not, disconnected from home wifi and retried but no luck. Also used my phone as a hotspot but no luck there either. Both attempts with antivirus turned off.

Hi @Blizzard257,

You network configuration appears to be correct.
Can you confirm that after turning your ROV on, you can see the raspberry pi LEDs blinking for a couple of seconds after the boot ?

If not, you should flash the sd card to make sure.

If it’s, I would recommend to connect the raspberry directly to your router via an ethernet cable to be sure that is working properly, you’ll see an IP address showing in your router and you’ll be able to access it directly via this new IP address, with that working, it may be just a simple wiring/connection problem between the raspberry and your PC through fathom-x and tether.

Hi @patrickelectric

When I reboot the bluerov2 the green light flashes jumps between long and short flashes, the red light stays on permanently. The green light illuminated on the fxti rev 2 circuit board.

I have also connected raspberry pi direct to the router. Used new up address and still no vehicle connection. Ping new ip address but this was unsuccessful. Changed back to original IP address with ping successful but still no vehicle connection. What would be the next step flash or rewire?

Also can I get confirmation on the slot for the red and black connector on the pixhawk when setup for the heavy lift, even on the forum there appears to be different answers, mine was plugged into the sbus with the black wire to the top and red in the middle. And only 1 twisted pair being used which is the the blue/white.

Kind Regards

Hi @patrickelectric

So latest update, flashed the raspberry on the companion, although only two files showing with current date stamp it appeared to partially work. I have managed to gain access to, no update required as no updates available.

Moved onto Pixhawk, clicked stable and waited for it to finish.

Still no vehicle connection :exploding_head: My configuration of the cables appears to be identical to that of what on the ardsub website. What else can I try to get the vehicle connected or could we be dealing with another issue?

Regards Michael

Except for the RC slot, the + and - signals are all connected internally, so it doesn’t really matter.


Thanks, so it would be better using the rc slot for the 5volt connection to avoid any errors

Not really, use any of the other ones as you need to power the other devices in the “bus” (usually the only device there that needs power is the camera servo).

Can you verify that the Pixhawk works when connected to the PC via usb?


unable to connect vehicle to pc. I have to green lights on the top, and 2 blue flasing lights, one of the blue lights is the one in the centre.

Working through troubleshooting connection but so far no positive result. Is there a specific way I can test this?

The large blue led blinking means ardusub is running ok. Can you try a different usb cable? It could be just a communication issue (power lines are ok but data lines in the cable are not)

@williangalvani @patrickelectric

Tried several cables from pixhawk to fxti all same results - only connecting when pixhawk connected direct to laptap, and topside fxti cable plugged into usb but even with this no video

All tried using different twisted pair in tether, same result - no connection when vehicle cable put back together and usb connected to tether.

Intermittent issues, motor not working, 5 minutes later motor works, nothing changed for any of this to happen. while have connection connecting direct to internals I can sometimes connect to 192.168…and then when refresh I have nothing

Also ran piraspberry command line screen -r mavyproxy but this keeps on going and with code i am unable to make sense off

Flashed both cards several times rebooted I same results, flashed beta, developers and stable while connected and when not connected to rov.

I decided to dig deeper as I started to get an com3 error. Turns out that despite making my antivirus take charge over everything including windows defender somehow windows created a rule for the bluerov2 so even when I turned off the antivirus windows then stepped up and activated its own rule. :rage: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Modified this to accept the Bluerov2 and job done :slight_smile:

Almost there, with antivirus off I get 100 % access to the rov and software, with it on I get everything except video. Will tweak later but seems all sorted for now :slight_smile: