New blue rov2 connection problems setup question

I’m having problem getting connection with qgroundcontrol. the br2 R4 heavy system pings fine thru with the fxti box and tether. my question is what is the vehicle type and firmware type I need to initially set the qgroundcontrol to right after installing it on pc? is it ardusub, px4 or mavlink generic. does anyone know this it does not say that I could find in the setup guide. would this explain the no connection if not what else even though it pings correctly to the vehicle? thanks

Hi @crans,

The vehicle runs ArduSub, but it shouldn’t actually matter what you specify when QGroundControl first opens because it will automatically detect the vehicle type when it’s properly connected.

If you’re able to ping but you’re not getting a MAVLink connection to QGroundControl then most likely either

well I reloaded ardusub default using blueOS and now I get connection and telemetry but no video, no video device appear under the blueOS video menu.

I went ahead and pulled the subsea electronics and plugged the rov usb camera into pc to test it and it does not work.

Glad to hear you managed to resolve your connection issue :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that your camera isn’t working. I recommend you contact to let them know what’s going on (please include a link to this thread, and your order number / order date) - they should be able to sort out a fix or replacement/refund as relevant.