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BlueROV2 nose dives when driven forwards on 100% gain

Hi there

I am trying to figure out why my blue ROV2 nose dives when driven forwards, and tail dives when driven backwards. This only noticeably happens when the ROV is set to 100% gain. I am running on 100% only to cover long distances quickly.
I was thinking that there may be an imbalance between the front and rear thrusters. could this be the issue?

Kind regards

why do you run at 100%? I hardly ever go over 25%


Hi, as I said in the message I only run at 100%to cover large distances quickly.

what mode are you in when you run at 100%

I am in manual mode, I have tried stabilize mode but it did not seem to effect the nose dive issue.

manual mode does not hold heading or depth, Stabilize mode holds heading not depth. Depth hold mode holds heading and depth. In stabilize mode the rov will keep a heading but will nosedive and mostly do dolphin type behavior especially at higher gain settings.
You need to be in depth hold mode in order to eliminate the dolphin and dive type behavior.

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…beg of hydrodynamicks… balance and construction…

There are some hydrodynamic constraints on the BlueROV2 that result in this type of behavior when moving forward quickly. @force10windsurf suggestion to use stabilize or depth hold mode should help to mitigate this. Try to drive as fast as you can while maintaining enough authority over pitch. Consider this your top speed, because it is. The BlueROV2 has a lot of power for it’s size, maybe you need to pull something loose or tow a payload. You can use the extra oomph for those applications :).