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Continuing the discussion from Problems with bluerov_ros_playground:

I am having the same problems. What version of ROS was it run in so I can try it? I was trying in Melodic and got the same errors as far as no SYS_STATUS, etc.

Im also interested in converting the bluerov_ros_playground into C++. IF I do that and rework the broken function calls, etc, might it work?

Hi @rdehart,

ROS has a series of releases that break compatibility in short periods of time, with that is hard for us to make it always compatible and fix all the problems for each single ROS version.

The python code can be clearly used as an expiration for others languages, be free to create your own version of it.

If you want further help, please share the log and the error messages.


Good news, I got it to work, but I would like some additional insight as to why. Again, I am using SITL with it.

I had to remove the -I 0 argument from the sim_vehicle.py command as seen here:

Unsure as to why “instance” would matter. Secondly, I had to go into the bridge.py and bluerov_node.py and specify udp: manually as I could not get the argument read in for some reason when I did

roslaunch bluerov_ros_playground bluerov2_node.launch bluerov2_node_device:=udp:localhost:14550.

Finally, I was wondering why was used rather than in examples such as here:

Do you know why -I was used in the examples cited, or

Also, in their tutorial (attached below), monabf keeps calling the launch file apm.launch to use with rover. Any ideas why that is? See link:

They also refer to my_circle.py; I assume that is something they wrote themselves?

Hi, I got most everything to work - still wondering about the -I issue.

Also, could you explain the technical difference between Manual Control and RC Override? I know that Manual Control is normalized and sent from GCS, and RC Override is not, but are they handled internally differently?