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Bad Depth and No Video on Ardusub 3.5

(Robert) #1

I just updated to Ardusub 3.5. I was hoping to get the new video record ability. Two issues followed. First I now get “bad depth” with “absolute pressure” warning under vehicle health. Second, under General:video no place for me to enter directory to save files. Any help appreciated.

Running QGroundControl latest stable 6/23 15:54

(TCIII) #2

You might want to try the latest “daily” build of QGroundControl to resolve your issues.

(Jacob) #3

Regarding the depth error, see the near the bottom of the instructions here.

Regarding video recording, the save path recently changed from a user specified path to just saving to Documents/QGroundControl/Video.

@TCIII and @iamrobertm We are now hosting our own builds of QGC:
These links are different from those hosted by the QGC project.

(Robert) #4

I said “stable” but I meant daily. I’ve tried 3.1.3 which I believe is the latest stable as well as the latest daily build (yesterday). Thanks

(Robert) #5

Hahaha, I’m laughing now. Thanks. Looks like all working. I do have another question coming up but will post where appropriate.