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Bad Depth and No Video on Ardusub 3.5

I just updated to Ardusub 3.5. I was hoping to get the new video record ability. Two issues followed. First I now get “bad depth” with “absolute pressure” warning under vehicle health. Second, under General:video no place for me to enter directory to save files. Any help appreciated.

Running QGroundControl latest stable 6/23 15:54

You might want to try the latest “daily” build of QGroundControl to resolve your issues.

Regarding the depth error, see the near the bottom of the instructions here.

Regarding video recording, the save path recently changed from a user specified path to just saving to Documents/QGroundControl/Video.

@TCIII and @iamrobertm We are now hosting our own builds of QGC:
These links are different from those hosted by the QGC project.

I said “stable” but I meant daily. I’ve tried 3.1.3 which I believe is the latest stable as well as the latest daily build (yesterday). Thanks

Hahaha, I’m laughing now. Thanks. Looks like all working. I do have another question coming up but will post where appropriate.