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Hi everybody! I’ve been having some trouble with a new BlueBoat. My Base Station will repeatedly disconnect from the BlueBoat; on the blueos.local page I get this notification routinely (10s of times every couple minutes):

“BlueOS Frontend
Could not communicate with BlueOS backend.”

And I’ll also get some other notifications only one time:
“Helper service
timeout of 10000ms exceeded”,
“System Information
Could not fetch system information ‘platform’: Network Error”,

I’ve triple checked the firewall settings, IP address’, and subnet masks (even turned off the firewall). There seems to be some consistent issue with the Base Station disconnecting from the BlueBoat which keeps me from calibrating the compass and using the BlueBoat. Any insights or thoughts would be helpful, thanks so much!

On a separate issue, it will take a while for my BaseStation to connect to my computer without disconnecting repeatedly (the ethernet connection will say the ‘Realtek USB GbE Family Controller’ is unplugged and then plugged back in), this however will stop eventually with some waiting. I’ve made sure to check whether or not it says it’s unplugged whenever I lose connection to the BlueBoat, but that doesn’t happen so it seems this is a separate issue, but perhaps since the Base Station is involved in both issues then they could be interconnected issues. Any thoughts or advice would be helpful, thanks for your time!

Update! Learned that taking it into an empty field far away from other buildings (parking lot wasn’t good enough) made all of the connections much better and we didn’t experience any of the above issues. Also, during compass calibration we at one point were able to see logs that described how to specifically calibrate the compass (the progress bar would not work when we saw these logs). It effectively pointed us in the right direction since we then saw we needed to spin the boat on each axis we calibrated the accelerometer on (up, down, left, right, front, back) for about 10 seconds (a rotation or two). Resetting the firmware to a previous version and then back to the new one or keeping it on an older one also helped us to not have as many bugs with calibrating the compass after some failed attempts (QGroundControl would buffer or crash or not give us the option to Reboot Vehicle like in the Assembly Document Steps).

Additionally, during ‘flight missions’, if the connection to the boat disconnected we simply raised the height of the BaseStation so the antenna could project more and regain connection to the Blue Boat.


Hi Peyton!
Glad you figured out some of your issue! One question - had you updated BlueOS to v1.1.1 before attempting all the calibrations? Sorry they were a hassle, I’ve not encountered that myself with the BlueBoat. Have you integrated any custom hardware or electronics yet?
Happy motoring!

Hi Anthony!
Yes the BlueOS was version was v1.1.1. Haven’t incorporated custom hardware yet, but looking into it at the moment now that calibration seems to be a breeze when in an open park/field. Looking into adding a camera to do some object recognition with an on-board ML model, exciting stuff!

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