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Automate bot using Ardusub

Currently i am working on a project and trying to automate the ROV using Ardusub and i am a bit lost with pymavlink and dronekit. I am confused about what to use and will dronekit even support ArduSub as the autopilot firmware. I looked at the ArduSub Gitbook and ran through the examples given for pymavlink but i feel dronekit has better documentation.

Also is it possible to use AUTO/LOITER mode without Underwater GPS? or is it possible to give a command to move the ROV forward for a particular distance for eg. move forward for 2 meters, using the onboard IMU to estimate the distance travelled by the ROV.

I would really appreciate if you could reply quick as it is urgent.

thank you in advance.


Dronekit runs over pymavlink, so you should have the same possibilities/limitations.

That’s not possible, you can read more about it here: