Autopilot help to start

Hi, i have start to wark to the blue rov recently, and i have a question;
I have to study how proggram the rov to follow a preimposted path, and i have read that this thing is possble by pyMavlink; the problem is that idk very well python (i have proggram c and java);
so i whould ask if some one have some easy exaple so i can understand the structure and the principal commands? Or there is some other way to do that you suggest me?

Hi @fusari,

We have some basic pymavlink examples available. It may also be helpful to do a search for the pymavlink and positioning tags to find other relevant forum posts :slight_smile:

thx for the answer
i have another question i have read this pdf An Open-Source Benchmark Simulator: Control of a BlueROV2 Underwater Robot - Blue Robotics and he use a controller to command the rov by set point; i would use it to control the rov in the real word but idk how to do that because idk how implement the controller do you have some suggestion?

plus i see on the paper that they use a laser sensor for the measure of the acc, but in the tlog file i see that there is xacc,yacc and zacc (whit maybe some offset error) why they don’t use them?

hi @EliotBR
sorry if i mention here but i need help; i looked the example that you suggest and by some forum sugg i was able to collect some data, ex:

master.mav.param_request_list_send(master.target_system, master.target_component)


but i don’t find were see xacc, yacc and zacc (i know that there are because i see them in the tlog file by matlab);
I find this page Messages (common) · MAVLink Developer Guide but i don’t understand how use it