Autopilot help to start

Hi, i have start to wark to the blue rov recently, and i have a question;
I have to study how proggram the rov to follow a preimposted path, and i have read that this thing is possble by pyMavlink; the problem is that idk very well python (i have proggram c and java);
so i whould ask if some one have some easy exaple so i can understand the structure and the principal commands? Or there is some other way to do that you suggest me?

Hi @fusari,

We have some basic pymavlink examples available. It may also be helpful to do a search for the pymavlink and positioning tags to find other relevant forum posts :slight_smile:

thx for the answer
i have another question i have read this pdf An Open-Source Benchmark Simulator: Control of a BlueROV2 Underwater Robot - Blue Robotics and he use a controller to command the rov by set point; i would use it to control the rov in the real word but idk how to do that because idk how implement the controller do you have some suggestion?

plus i see on the paper that they use a laser sensor for the measure of the acc, but in the tlog file i see that there is xacc,yacc and zacc (whit maybe some offset error) why they don’t use them?

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I can’t provide much comment on a paper I wasn’t involved in, especially since their proposed system uses a MATLAB+Simulink program that they designed to allow simulating different control systems, which does not run on the vehicle.

For high frequency and low latency access to sensor data and the control outputs it’s generally recommended to implement vehicle controllers in the autopilot firmware (ArduSub) rather than externally in the onboard or topside computers, but it is technically also possible to implement a controller that works via manual control MAVLink commands (it just has less data and more delay between commands than an autopilot implementation would).

From a quick read of the paper, I don’t believe they used the laser sensor to measure acceleration. I expect both the DVL and laser+camera were used to help estimate velocity and position more directly than is possible with an accelerometer.