AruduSub develops about the reverse electromotive force

Hello, we have encountered some problems with the development of ArduSub. We have found that when the joystick is moved from the maximum position to the zero position, the vertical propeller always stops faster, while the horizontal propeller stops more slowly. We prefer to slow down slowly. Rapid stopping can easily generate some unnecessary reverse electromotive force(REF). I wonder why we needs to control the slow horizontal direction, and control the rapid change in the vertical direction, and whether there are some parameters that can be set to adjust the speed change.


Could you describe more clearly how you’re testing this? And do you see the same behaviour when you disarm instead of releasing the joystick?

Without knowing more about your setup, I would expect this is mostly due to the vehicle having more drag in the vertical direction (so it stops itself faster), and any other speed reduction factors will be due to either the ESCs or the motors themselves. As far as I’m aware ArduSub doesn’t try to do any smoothing of the operator’s inputs, especially if you’re in manual mode.