Problem with Basic ESC?

I have a spring stick, when its centred it throttles, when I push it down it stops, pushing it forward does nothing. It should have 0 throttle at center, reverse when its pushed down and throttle when pushed forward. I have the basic ESCs and T200 Thrusters. I have wired the ESC and motors properly. White on white, blue on blue and green on green.

Not sure if its a software issue, ESC issue, Thrusters or something else. I have set left motor to throttle left and right motor to throttle right in parameters. I can’t find any settings in QGroundControl that could fix this. I really don’t know what to do

If you don’t know whether the problem is in software, the ESC, or the thruster, the first thing you have to do is divide up the system so you can identify where the problem lies. If you’re working with ESCs and servos, one little piece of hardware that you should have is a servo tester. You hook the ESC or servo up to it, and you can dial in the desired pulse length, and see if the system responds appropriately. In the case of driving a thruster, 1100 should give full reverse, 1500 should be off, and 1900 should be full forward.

Here’s an example of such a tester:

What software are you using?

Assuming you’re using a flight controller (like the Pixhawk 4 you’ve mentioned in other posts), ArduSub has the motor connections set to bi-directional with zero throttle at 1500us, but other firmwares generally have the motors set up as single directional, and zero throttle is set to 1100us - I suspect you may not be using ArduSub.

If that’s not the issue, I’d suggest looking at the MAVLink Inspector in QGC to see what the SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW values are on the channels you’re using, for a particular joystick input.

As @wholm mentioned, it may be helpful to use a servo tester to confirm correct functionality of the ESCs. If you have our battery charger you can unlock the firmware, which then allows using the multi-function port as both a servo tester and a PWM signal measurer :slight_smile: