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Forward/Backward Limited movement

While trying to manouver with my sub, I noticed the forward/backward(reverse) movements were half-powered.
So I looked at the servo_raw tab (photos attached) and saw that I only get a max of 1500 pwm value when making that movement.

When moving right/left this issue doesn’t occur (I get the max output of 2200 out of engine 1,3 for example)

Yes, I’ve reconfigured the pwm values to be minimum 800 and maximum 2200 since this are the values that my motors use (in ap_motors 6dof - return constrain_int16(1500 + thrust_in * 700, _throttle_radio_min, _throttle_radio_max):wink:

Can you please refer me to the code-line where this happens? In the photo I was in Manual mode.
or help me solve this issue?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @ido

Do you have any other code changes?
Can you share a dataflash log?

For some reason I’m cant find my sd card…

The bottom line is that I want to disable vertical (throttle, rc ch3, motors5/6) values effect on the forward/lateral motors values (probably in the code?).

Also, I’d like to know if you know how to make motors output from 800-2200 by setting 800-2200 MOT max/min values. (for some reason it won’t pick up the MOT max/min values but takes the rc3 max/min values instead).

In most frames they don’t affect the other motors. check the matrixes in ardupilot/AP_Motors6DOF.cpp at Sub-4.0 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

Yes, this is a bug.