Does the T100 operate in forward and reverse when using a ESC with Forward/Brake/Reverse option?

(Newbie question!)
Hi! I am at planning stage on my first ROV. I’m thinking about using three T100 thrusters for controlling depth by moving the ROV up and down using forward and reverse on the same thruster. I am aware that the thrust won’t be the same on reverse compared to forward but I can live with that!
Is it possible to achieve this using RC boats ESC with Forward/Brake/Reverse option? Does the Ardusub support that feature?
Thx a lot!

The RC boat ESC should move the thruster in the way that you expect. I am not sure about the PWM ranges that the boat ESCs use, so I cannot say if they will be compatible with ArduSub. If you show me a certain model, I might find out.

ArduSub expects 1100 microseconds to be full reverse, 1500 to be neutral, and 1900 microseconds to be full forward. This is how the ESCs in our store work, they are reversible.

Thank you very much Jacob. I will stick with your ESC then!

Hello Jacob, FYI, I have received these ESCs: FAVOURITE LITTLEBEE-S 30A 2~6S OPTO and I can confirm that they can set to operate bidirectionally. I have done the modifications using BLHeli Suite. Working great also with Ardusub. Thx!

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I tried your esc, too. But it doesn’t work properly. How did you adjust? I just made my esc bidirectional from blheli program.

Hello Sena,

It has been a long time since I played with my custom design ROV. I completely forgot how I setup the ESC!!! I am very sorry to not being able to help you on this…

I solved the problem. It’s necessary that the maximum ppm is 1900, minimum ppm is 1100 and the middle is 1500. If there is someone who struggles with the problem can adjust these values from BLHeli Suit program and don’t forget to apply bidirectional mode.

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