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T100 Thruster output not correct from pwm input

I am using two T100 thrusters in a surface water vehicle. It appears that the performance of the thruster is shifted from the pwm signal being sent to the ESC. A signal of around 1250ms (instead of the normal 1500ms) is what it takes to result in zero thrust, with 1900ms still resulting in max thrust. Even further, any signal below 1250ms still results in zero thrust, not a reverse thrust like I need. I could use trim and scaling to correct the 1250ms being the new zero thrust point, but I still have no reverse thrust capabilities. I have verified the pwm signal coming from the controller is being sent correctly, but the issues may be with the ESC (a non-Blue Robotics model I already had)?


Hi @caskey.logan,

Not all ESCs have the same PWM throttle range, neutral point, or reverse. Our ESCs and ArduSub are designed to operate forward and reverse from 1100-1900 μs, with neutral at 1500 μs. It sounds like you ESC has a different range and no reverse, you will need to reprogram it to be compatible with ArduSub.