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180 degrees servo control

I am wondering if anybody has an insight into how to control a servo for a set amount of 180 degrees rotation. I have tried setting the PWM to its max limits in QGC of 800 to 2200 and only get about 140 degrees. QGC defines that as the min and max and I am reluctant to bring on a issue of some sort experimenting outside of that so if anybody does know how to do that, I would very much welcome their input.

If you’re referring to the HiTec HS-5055MG that is used as a camera tilt servo on the BROV2, it’s programmable, and stroke range is apparently one of the things that can be programmed on it. For instance, see this link, which implies that the maximum possible range on the servo is 178 degrees.

To program the servo you’re going to need something like HiTec’s DPC-11 programming adapter, or pay someone to do it for you as in the link above.

Hi Walt

thanks for the response. it is a heavier duty servo than the cam servo and I am unsure of whether the numbers on the item relate to anything more than what the manufacturer calls the product. Waterproof 180 Degree Metal Gears Digital servo Programmable High Performance | eBay
I wonder if the programming adapter you kindly sent the link for would do the job.

I had the same problem, and replaced it with a 270 degree servo