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Windows error message

(Julian Hancock) #1


I have a partion on OSX running Windows 7. I have installed QGC on W7 to to compare the running of the software through different operating systems on the same computer.

However when trying to open QGC after installation I see this message:
system error

I have reinstalled but still get this error message.



(Kaos) #2

I had the same error so I went to windows website and downloaded the dll that was missing. It solved the issue

(Adam) #3

Hi Julian,

ArduSub and QGC are actually only officially supported on Windows 10, OSX, and Linux at this time. Any other Windows version is quite finicky regarding the video streaming, and there are only some certain hardware combinations that appear to work well with QGC on W7.


(Julian Hancock) #4

Thank you sir, I will give it a go.


(Julian Hancock) #5

Thank you Adam. I will try with the acquire the dll and see what happens.