When downloading log from pixhawk, the startup sound does not stop

‘QGC’→’Analyze view’→’Log Download’→’refresh’ : The startup tone when the power supply is connected sounds twice.
Select log and ‘download’ : The startup tone continue to sound.

Is it because there is something wrong with pixhawk?
When I downloaded it the same way before, there was no startup sound.

If it’s not a problem, is there any way to turn off the startup sound?

Hi @yuki,

Having spoken with the software and support teams about this, we’re not really sure what’s going wrong here. Can you please confirm

  1. Which software versions are you using (ArduSub, QGC, Companion/BlueOS)?
  2. By “the startup tone” do you mean the ESC startup tones, or something else?
    • It may be helpful to provide a video recording

1.Software version (Ardusub 4.1.0, QGC 4.2.3 (try other version ex.4.1.~), Companion 0.0.31)
2.attached video

As a side note, I used to be able to download without sound.

Would it be possible to get logs in other way.?(ex. directly download from raspberrypi?)
If it is possible, please tell me how to do it.

(I tried to get the log from raspberrypi, however i clould not find the name of the log file.)

Does it work as expected with previous versions of QGC (e.g. v4.1.7, or v4.0.5)? If so it’s presumably a QGC issue, and should be raised as a GitHub issue on the QGroundControl repository.

The logs are stored on the Pixhawk, and as far as I’m aware the Companion software does not offer any convenient ways of accessing or retrieving them.

Previous versions that worked as expected don’t work as expected.
I don’t think that the cause is QGC version problem.

Does Blue OS offer any ways of accessing them?

BlueOS has a Log Browser, but it does not yet work for Pixhawks.

If opening the enclosure is ok you should be able to retrieve the logs from the Pixhawk’s SD card (note that the Pixhawk has its own SD card - separate to the Raspberry Pi’s SD card).