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Log Download from Raspberry Pi

Hi everyone,

I’m currently developing a mini AUV based on BlueROV2. I did not use Pixhawk and only Raspberry Pi is on board, and I’ve put external sensors(IMU etc) instead. I’m now recording dataflash log on Raspberry Pi instead of Pixhawk.

Here’s the problem coming, I cannot find the log file in ‘QGC’ → ‘Analyze View’ → 'Log Download‘ since I’m not using Pixhawk anymore.

Is there any possible way that I can have access to Raspberry Pi directory by modifying the QT code for Qgroundcontrol? Thanks in advance.

Hi @evantianyn ,

Try using the web-based file manager

As long as you are willing to code, it should be doable, yes. But I don’t expect it is going to be trivial at all.
You could possibly expose those logs via mavlink too. This way you need to write the mavlink side in the py, but QGC can stay the same.

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Thx @williangalvani,

I believe web file manager would do the job.

Hi @evantianyn, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Glad to see your issue seems to have been resolved.

This sounds awesome! If you’re able to/interested, it would be really cool if you could share some of your progress as you go, in the build category :smiley: