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Waterlinked GPS position floating extremly

Hello, I have a problem using the Waterlinked GPS with my BlueROV.and a Locator S1. In my application the Waterlinked locator position display is floating in ranges of >20m whatever I do. The communication between BlueROV2 and Waterlinked (depth and position) works perfect and the float is trasnferred to the QGroundControl. It is not the GPS signal that is floating, it is the locator calculation.

  1. It immediately starts to float with no locator in the water, and with no receiver in the water
  2. It continues to float with all receivers in the water placed at a distance >2m and no locator in the water.
  3. It continues to float with all receivers in the water plus the BlueROV2 with installed Locator-S1 in the water.
    I don’t understand why there is always a position calculated, without locator in the water and even with no receiver in the water. Did anyone have the same problem? Do you have any idea how to solve the problem?
    Here is a screenshot with the floating track (the ROV is not moving at all).

Without signal from the locator in water I have same result, as soon as ROV dives and reception is good it stops jumping.
Do You have GPS lock on the S1 locator before You dive?
These jumping also occurs if the timesync in the locator is lost.
Check diagnostic page in Waterlinked web interface, does reception lock good?

Hi, thanks for the feedback, I will check that within the next days.

Good day,

Do you resolved the issue?

I stuck in the same issue. Even I sink the locator and receiver it gives abrupt readings.

Kindly provide the feedback.