Video streaming over 4g wireless integration and preprogrammed avoidance maneuver using the on-board compass and then afterwards reestablishing GPS lock

Seeking assistance for 4G wireless video streaming integration, incorporating preprogrammed avoidance maneuvers via the on-board compass, followed by re-establishing GPS lock. Can anyone help with this?

Hi @MALIK2223 -
You’ve got quite a cool concept there!
Are you thinking of using a BlueBoat? It could be outfitted with a 4G cellular modem and camera, allowing you to access the video remotely. I’ve found the 2-3 Mbps possible is enough for a single, low resolution / frame rate video.
The autopilot of the BlueBoat allows it to follow GPS waypoint missions, out of the box! You could develop a python script to control the vehicle by sending target headings for the autopilot to achieve, and durations to run the motors, and in this way cause the vehicle to move without GPS input, but I would expect significant positional error with this approach.
I hope that’s useful input!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance in helping me find a solution. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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