Video game Ender Ocean based on BlueROV2

The video game called - Ender Ocean: Your mission: “Clean the Ocean” - has been published in beta version on our website:
It is based on BlueSim works from @williangalvani and @patrickelectric Many thanks again !

Please test the game and fill in the form to tell us what you think in order to improve it… Official version is due to September 2022. And do not hesitate to contact me if you want to share directly :slight_smile:
Thank you !


Looks great. I will have to try it later.
What is the official release price, and will it support community content like maps? It would be cool if the game could realistically simulate low visibility conditions.


Thank you @btrue !

To answer your questions:

  • The gameplay includes virtual levels (you can download and install this part on your Windows / Linux machine) and real-life levels (where you control a real ROV from your browser and you collect real wastes in natural environment). Virtual levels are free. Real-life levels are payable. Pricing will be released during summer.
  • We have integrated a “fog” in each level in order to emulate low visibility conditions. Color of fog can be set according to the environment in which players are evolving (lake, river, ocean…). The intensity of the fog is defined with a start and end point (start point is where it starts to be applied / end point is where is finishes… where you can no more see anything). This fog is also more intense according to the depth of the ROV.

Regarding the map, what do you mean?

A pleasure to read you. Have a nice day!

Excellent work and great initiative! Love it!!! John

Thank you @johng

Awesome project. Thank you for this effort.

BTW any chance to have controller modes changeable?
Can’t fly anything but Mode 2 and that’s droney - drone setup with throttle on the left stick.

Thank you very much @Scottsky
We have not yet planned to apply BlueROV2 modes in the game. It’s not in our roadmap to be honest.
I will check joystick configuration to see if things are not reversed with standards.

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Hey there,
Game is now available on steam: ENDER OCEAN - Your mission: "Clean the Ocean" on Steam