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Setting up a video game to collect plastic with ROVs

We are currently setting up a video game to collect plastic with ROVs in various areas (rivers, harbours, …). Website is accessible online and explains the concepts - https://www.enderocean.com (french language only sorry). We have done some testings and want now to improve the solution.
We are currently working on batteries duration, sharing control of ROV over the Internet and make sure players do not do stupid things… :slight_smile:
If you are interested in this project and want to work with us, do not hesitate to reply this message or contact me in MP. Project deliveries are under Open Source licences of course.
Thank you !

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We could be interested in helping.

Fine. Will send you an email with all the details of the project and propose a video-conference. I have seen your work and there is something to do with arms robots you are building.

I would also be interested in helping out.


Hi Ender,

Is it open source ?
We are doing some investigation and development with a new simulation environment that may be useful.

Yes, all works we do are under Open Source licenses. We want this project to be replicated by anyone if it works.

We have planned to train users on simulation environments first. Then, we afford them to pilot real ROV remotely. Can you tell me more about your idea ?

Our main issues right now:
1 - provide batteries that works with solar energy and does not need to be switched after some hours, because we plan ROV to be running all day long
2 - improve the grabber to be able to collect more easily wastes (discussing with @PaulP currently)
3 - create a secured Internet access to the ROV commands for users relaying one by one