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Video feed freezing when using tilt function

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when i use the camera tilt function video freezes, goes black screen and say’s waiting for video for a couple of seconds and then comes back on. during this time everything else works perfectly and usually only happens when i try to tilt up. companion software is 0.0.20, ardusub version is 4.0.1 and im using the latest qground control . topside is windows 10 with 16gb ram. Any ideas what could be the problem? i’ve tried resetting everything but to no avail.
Thanks in advance,

Check the camera wires, I guess tilting up is pulling the wires and momentarily breaking the connection, and as soon as it comes back, companion restarts the video stream.

hey willian,
Already checked that and left enough slack so as to not be a problem. Still does it. it usually happens when i try to bring the camera back to center with the button assigned to that function. When i updated everything to the latest firmware the problem stopped for a while but now it is back.
any other ideas? Also when it happens i can’t access the camera setup page through the browser…so i either have to reboot through putty or pull the power…any other ideas?

Funny thing is, that after it happens the first time and video comes back it doesn’t happen anymore, but then i can’t access the browser setup, it says refused to connect. everything else works perfectly at this point…weird huh?

Hi @williamn,

I get the same problem regularly on only one of my 2 BR2. They are both software updated, the only difference is that the one bugging has a slim tether.
I also thought this was a problem with the tilt pulling the camera cable but I checked several times and it is all slack.
Have you found a fix since your post?


Hi Steven,

I zip tied the camera cable to one of the aluminum rods inside the housing and also made sure that the usb connected to the pi is firmly in place and the problem has disappeared. Just make sure that no matter which way you turn the camera the usb connection to the pi doesn’t move and you should be fine. let me know how it goes.

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