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Video Disconnect when moving Gibal - PLEASE HELP

Dear Bluerobotics Community,

after the latest update, I am experiencing video loss when I move the camera gimbal. This happens farily regularly when I move the camera although not 100% of the time. The video goes off for 2-5 seconds showing ‘Waiting for Video’ in QGC and then comes back.

I am running the following:
Companion V 0.0.21
Ardusub 4.0.1
QGC V 4.0.5
Windows 10 v 1903

Few more details:

  1. I am running a constant ping to the onboard computer and its stable and in the single digit milliseconds even when the video disconnects
  2. The CPU of the Companion Computer runs in the 70-100% range all the time. I haven’t been able to determine if the CPU usage goes up when I move the camera so not sure if this is related.
  3. I am getting a bandwidth of 27 Mbps up and 32 Mbps down end to end
  4. When I log into the system page of the Web Interface of the Companion Computer I don’t see any Active Services. Nonetheless ROV runs.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!



I’ve had this problem too. When you move the gimbal it moves the camera wire and ultimately the usb connection to the rpi. Try taping the wire at the back end close to the rpi on one of the aluminum rods and see if that solves your problem. It solved mine.

I have seen the issue as well; usually bumping the electronics cradle while removing/installed the housing for service. A dab of hot glue on the USB connector works as well.