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Using UAV LogViewer


I am trying to graph anything and everything related to altitude control from a tlog file for ArduSub. Is there a comprehensive list of what every field means (for example, VFR_HUD)? Also why are there 2-4 lines for both AHRS3.altitude and GLOBAL_POSITION_INT.alt? When I run my mouse across the screen, the values that appear with the cursor jump between the lines.

Hi @yunyi, the .tlog file is the sum of all mavlink packets that QGC received. Their content is defined in the MAVLink spec. I would use the dataflash log instead for analysis, it has better information such as Desired, Current, and Target altitudes.

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This seems like a bug but maybe I’m doing something wrong… Many of the parameters in the parameters widget are outside of their ranges or not on the increments as stated on the parameter list. For example, the widget says that EK2_ALT_M_NSE is 0, however the range is 0.1 to 10.0 (and my associate with access to the actual ArduSub says on QGroundControl the parameter is 0.1). Is there another way to view parameters?

I am having a hard time replicating it. Do you mind sharing the log file?
Nevermind, I managed to replicate it!

@yunyi please check if it is right in the Beta version. I believe I fixed the issue.

Some of the numbers are slightly off (such as 0.699999988079071 instead of 0.7) but they are accurate! Thank you!

That is because of how floating points work, I believe. I’ll take a look at improving their representation later.

I’m just glad it works. Another issue I’ve found is that some fields take too long or never load. For example, I have tried to graph VFR_HUD.alt but the page just loads for hours. This is on both the beta and the original.

Hi @yunyi,

There are still quite a few bugs around. The log file would be really helpful, though. You can send it to me in private if you don’t want it publicly available.

I have both dataflash log and tlog files. Where can I send them to you in private? Thanks.