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Help to find my way in qgroudcontrol.pro files


I installed Qt creator and manage to install a QGC build (Not sure it compile but this is next step). Reaching this point was a challenge and now I see this when I open the project:

I run through the code and can’t understand much for now. I feel that a lot about it is irrelevant for ardusub and have more to do with user OS selection and autpilot model configuration.

Can someone give me a little quick start with this? A brief explanation of where Ardusub related stuff can be found? And the UI directory since my goal is to change the “look” of QGC and add some buttons for my GPS and water quality sensors.
Speciffically and from what I read on the QGC build page and understood, I plan to add a “vehicule” udp link that will send my water quality data to the companion and tranfer this has a Mavlink message to the topside. I should then see them live in the “value tab” or better if I can do it in a graph.

I know it is a rather wide question. Any info or comment will help.

Hi @Charles,

QGC is notoriously a bit hard to understand in full, and make modifications to. Their Developer Guide is generally the best place for getting started, and provides links to their forum and developer chat.

The specific case of adding a custom sensor reading to the QGC values widget, via Companion, is something I did last year (while working for a different company), which I posted details/instructions for here :slight_smile: