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Communicate with BAR30 through pymavlink

HI, I have purchased the BAR30 sensor and I want to connect it to the pixhawk4 through the i2c, the point is I don’t know how to reach for its depth reading through the Mavlink protocol, I mean for example for the internal IMU senor there is a specified message for retrieving its data my question is is there a way to extract the BAR30 depth reading or not ,

thanks in advance


It should be automatically detected and used by ArduSub. The output (as depth) is available at the VFR_HUD message. It is also available at SCALED_PRESSURE2.

ok thank you so much ill try it, though I have another issue if you could help me with it, I am trying to control each PWM output channel independently so that I can control each motor independently, I don’t know a specific command, so do u know any that could help and if there is please explain for me how to use it cause I am new to this

Another problem that I am facing is that Scaled_IMU message doesn’t work, I mean when I request it no data or object data is received I don’t know why and I don’t also know how to solve it

thanks in advance