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Using a flight controller joystick in liew of game pad controller


We use a Saitek Pro Flight X-56 RHINO Joystick. This joystick is great for an advanced Blue ROV Heavy.


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(thomas.pinzl) #62

Hi Etienne
I bought the same configuration, like you suggested. Joystick from aliexpress an the board from LeoBodnar.

How’d you wire the joysticks? The joystick has 3 connections each (X/Y). Have you connected x and Y in the board ? What about the connectors “RX” and “RY” ?
Can you give me a hint so I can connect my joysticks correctly? Thanks a lot !

best regards


(曾琨智) #66

I found the problem, the motor controller has a problem, the joystick is no problem.

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(pim de rhoodes) #67

sounds very interesting, now do you use only the joystick or also the other controler for up / down.
AND is it more or less plug and play with usb connectors ? or is this going to ask for advance knowledge ?