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Using a flight controller joystick in liew of game pad controller

(Etienne Demers) #41

It is plug and play.

You can assign the controls in QGC. It’s really up to you.

The Throttle at the bottom is what I used for vertical movement. The problem is it is hard to put it back in the center to null out the thrusters when you fly.



Many thanks Etienne. I had a look at one of those joysticks last night at a friends place (he has the Extreme 3D Pro version - not sure of the differences between normal and pro version) - the 8-way hat switch on top of the stick might be an option to control ascend/descend as the switch returns to centre as soon as you take your finger off it.

(Etienne Demers) #43

Not sure which version I have. I think its the pro but QGC does not detect the hat switch unfortunately. I would have used it for camera tilt.

It wouldn’t work for up and down though because you need analog signal for that.


Ah bummer! Looks like the Extreme 3D is a possibility but needs more work to come up with a solution. I like the idea of twist left/right for yaw and push left/right for lateral movement, we just have to come up with a solution for ascend/descend! Whether a second joystick for the left hand to control ascend/descend is an option I don’t know.

(Etienne Demers) #45

I already have. This is why I built my own controller.

It’s really not that hard and you can find cheap joystick to keep the cost down.


Use this board to wire it all up easilly:


(undersearobotics.com) #46

The “Hat Switch” on the Extreme 3D is a multi-position switch, not a joystick (potentiometer) so wouldn’t work well for controlling thrusters. There are other “high end” flight sim joysticks out there which do have potentiometer thumb sticks on the joystick, but I’ve not tested those with QGC.

(John Griffiths) #47

has anybody managed to get a logitech f710 wireless gamepad working with QGC on a MacBook pro? or perhaps come up with another way of wirelessly connecting to QGC.

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #48

You can use a SteelSeries Nimbus.
It works great for all Apple products

(John Griffiths) #49

Hi Jan
thanks for that. much appreciated. John

(Jacob) #50

These controllers should work, what’s the trouble you are having?

(John Griffiths) #51

I can see the f710 is recognised in the system info on my MacBook but QGC doesn’t see them. Somebody on the forums suggested a Steel series nimbus controller so I have ordered on of those. the controller being wireless, while not necessary,just removes one more thing to trip over or get hooked up on the deck of a boat.

(Jacob) #52

Which version of QGC are you using? It is the text in the application window title bar.

(John Griffiths) #53