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Underwater GPS Topside Box

(Jonny ) #1

Here is A Topiside box for the BlueROV/ Waterlinked underwater GPS, There wasnt one currently and i deicded i like a challenge so i designed this. It is Inspired by the schooner labs tether interface box http://schoonerlabs.com/project/bluerobotics-tether-x-enclosure/ but not a remix, this is a custom design by me.

The case houses the tether interface board and the wire block with points to anchor these components in as well as get access to the USB port and Ethanet port and hole for the cable penitrator. Short M3 Screws used for tether interface board and M4 screws used for the terminal block.

So here are the files for all to have and enjoy https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2787894