Selling BlueRov2 + Waterlinked GPS integration

This BlueROV2 and Waterlinked GPS bundle have been utilized primarily for fish shoal assessment purposes. While the equipment has served its purpose well in providing valuable insights into our assessments, we have encountered challenges with its usability for routine dives. Specifically, the BlueROV2 has had trouble passing pressure tests, indicating a potential need for a new enclosure. However, the system remains completely functional and offers great potential for those willing to invest in further enhancements or repairs. If there are any inquiries or questions regarding the equipment’s condition or performance, please feel free to reach out. We’re more than happy to provide additional details or address any concerns. Wre are open to selling items indivudally

Items Included:

BlueROV2 Components:

  • Tote Box
  • BlueROV2 (Please note: Will not pass the pressure test)
  • Tether
  • Tether spool
  • Lithium-ion Battery (14.8V, 18Ah) x 2
  • Pelican Case for Batteries
  • Blue Robotics H6 PRO Battery Charger
  • Blue Robotics Fathom-X Topside Interface (FXTI) for BlueROV2 + USB Cord Connection
  • Xbox One Controller
  • Pelican Case for Xbox Controller and FXTI
  • Robotic Arm (Not Currently Connected)
  • Camera integration
  • Depth sensor

Waterlinked GPS Integration:

  • 2 Blue Robotics Batteries for Waterlinked Integration
  • Waterlinked GPS (Integrated into BlueROV Electronic Component)
  • Underwater GPS G2 BlueROV2 Kit:
    • Underwater GPS G2 Topside
    • Locator A1
    • Antenna
    • BlueROV2 Integration Kit:
      • WizLink LX200V30 PLC Homeplug Module
      • Pre-wired Binder 770 Bulkhead for BlueRobotics FXTI
      • 8 m Cable with Binder 770 Connectors
      • Small Wire Jumper
      • 30 cm Cat5e C

Hi @ruthduncan
It may be helpful to share the original purchase date of the BlueROV2, so others can determine what revision the hardware is!
From the BlueROV2 product page:

Hi Ruth:

Any news on the Version/revision # Or the purchase date?

I am interested in this unit.

You can reach me at my e-mail:

Mike Kennedy
Ottawa, Canada.