UGPS not working, "no position from server" error


I am just starting to test the waterlink system.
on the waterlink page (, I get a “got no position from server” error.

After checking with waterlink, they said that it is probably because the “master-D1 top side doesn’t get depth data”.
How can I check whether the depth is correctly pushed to the waterlink board?



I think you may be mixing up the webpages. You probably saw that error at the waterlinked address. Can you first verify that you see the Water LInked page at (

If you see a webpage there, then the Water Linked system is running and connected to the ROV.

Then go to the ROV page and click the ‘start driver’ button. Make sure the ip/port entered is / 80.

At this point the position should appear on the Waterlinked page (

sorry, yes, i did mix up the webpages…

  1. yes, i see a webpage at and have pushed the “start driver” button on the rov page

  2. after that, on the waterlink page , i still get “no position from server”

@jgk I’ve sent you a private message about this so we can get in touch directly.