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Custom Integration of Water Linked GPS - no connection to Master D1

Hello everyone!

My team and I got a WaterLinked Underwater GPS Kit for our BR2 and integrated it into our custom built Topside Computer.

First the webpage could be reached and network properties could be changed (but not saved due to some JSON issues (havn’t figured out why yet)). The next time the computer was restarted, however, no connection was possible (google chrome: “This page cannot be reached.”).

Our computer has a static IP address and is located in the same subnet mask as the Underwater GPS.

When pinging via cmd all data packets were lost or “request timeout” occurred.

It was also noticeable that the LED0 flashed on the first attempt, as well as a red LED on the underside of the Master D1 board, but not anymore. Also the data transfer over the Ethernet cable seems to have some interruptions, this did not change by exchanging the cable for a new one.

Here is a list of what was done:

  1. connection of the 4 receiver D1 with the respective ports (1, 2, 3, 4)

  2. power connection to the master D1 (12V)

  3. Ethernet connection to Fathom-X board

  4. connection of signal cable blue-white with Fathom-X Board

  5. setting the DIP switches on the master D1 to GP0 -> OFF; GP1 -> ON; BS0 and BS1 ON

  6. connection Fathom X “WaterLinked” to luster terminal (actually PCB): connection to the signal cable, which comes directly from BR2 and splits to the second Fathom-X board (“BR2 Control”)

Here is the wiring plan for orientation:

Now the question to you, can someone take a look at his/her Master D1 board and tell me if the lamps described above light up during normal operation, since I suspect that the board has an internal error.

Do you have other assumptions or have you made similar experiences?

Cheers Lea

This issue is being handled though Water Linked technical support