Trouble accessing blueos.local (network setup complete)

HI there,

I’ve been tasked with updating our BlueROV2 which has been unused for about a year. We have a new laptop for it and so I followed the setup procedure on the website. The network address for the USB ethernet adapter is set to and the software is allowed through the windows firewall.

I cannot access blueOS frontend via blueos.local or However I did manage to access the companion setup page at and from there update the firmware and companion software. This tells me that the network configuration is ok, but i am confused as to why i cannot access the frontend.

Any ideas anyone?

Many thanks.

Hi @Vocean_ROV, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This means your vehicle is running our older Companion Software, which is no longer being developed. BlueOS is a different software, so you’ll need to install it if you want to use its features :slight_smile:

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I see that now. Thank you!

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