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Transport trolley/ retrieval pole options for ROV

I am looking for a trolley option for transporting the ROV setup (ROV, laptop, top side box, reel) over distance ie. along jetties, down various terrain etc. to eliminate manual handling over distance. Any specific ideas?

I am also looking into a retrieval technique for deploying and retrieving the ROV with a 5m drop into the water (ie. off jetties etc). I was thinking about a long extendible pole with a decent hook on the end (almost like a jaff but not pointy/sharp). Any specific ideas?

How about Pelican cases? This is what I use.

Also for launching. you should look at small manual cranes usually used in the back of pick up trucks.

Attach a basket at the end…

…i will mount this for my boat… and make an small “Tms” or moore a "Garage"for less drag, less powerconsumption and also can be used for grid surveys i would think … https://www.biltema.no/fritid/fiske/fiskeverktoy/teinehaler-2000040511 …else im with Etienne here…Pelican case is the safest for travel i think?

For launching, we usually just carefully raise/lower the rov from its tether, even over ~5m drops.