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Tired of pumping? :)

I Made this Vacuum pump, got tired of the handpump😅

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cool, is this a peristaltic pump ?
also from the picutere i don see how you connect the manometer to second pipe opening.

I hook it up with the red valve(yrs Will be changed) and wheb i have full preassure i stop the inlet from the pump, then i have a static pressure and still getting 100% No leakage after an hour, but i give it a small push first, then release, and start pumping, never fails, No leakage:)… Had same preassure for Android And not tightsen the connectors to hard, a Litle more than fibgerpreassure is my tips, and AS little vaseline/molycoat as possible Just a thin film is enough, everlastingvquestion that ended in Allmost nothibg🤪 what pump? I would like to knowto? :)) had the required preassure so i bought it:)