Leaks and Leak Sensors

So I just received our first BlueROV2 from one of your distributors and am excited to get it to work! Unfortunately I was only able to have it in the water for less than 5 minutes during its’ maiden dive due water intrusion.

I new there was a slight leak because I could not get a good vacuum test on the telemetry can. A 10 min test starting at 10inHg was yielding 5inHg by the end of the test. However, I was eager to try since we have an inspection coming up soon. A leak was detected 4 minutes into the dive, so I removed the sub. Both of the leak sensor sponges were saturated and there was a small amount of water in the bottom of the can.

Upon investigation I found a leak from on one of the penetrators for one of the thrusters. This is the way it came from the factory. Upon further inspection, it appears that the leak is between the cable and potting compound. I have applied DOW Corning 732 to attempt to stop the leak.

My long winded question is: Is it alright to reuse the same leak sensors after drying them out? Also, is there a better way to seal similar leaks other than using 732? I open for all suggestions.

@AMIEngineers Bummer on the leak! At least the leak sensor did its job :slight_smile:

Please contact your distributor for a replacement thruster or “thruster core” and we will in turn send a replacement to them.

We don’t recommend re-using the blue sponges on the probe tips. There should be some extras in this baggie that came with your kit.

Thank you for getting back to me. The distributor has a new thruster on its way! They did not send the baggie that is shown in the picture you attached. I will get on them for that.

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You sure it’s not that big cable with the questionable looking potting?