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Thrusters & Gamepad Direction Issue

I’ve recently re-assembled a BlueROV2 Heavy and the gamepad controls are not working as expected. For example, Ascent is actually decent, and in both operations, T6 is spinning in the wrong direction. There appears direction and/or balance issues with the other directional commands.

With the new version of QGC (v4.0.5) there is no longer the option to reverse the thruster direction so I’m not sure how to fix that issue…

I am running the latest version of Companion but an older firmware on the Pixhawk due to an ongoing issue where I cannot communicate with the pixhawk after updating.

I’ve double checked my thruster wires to make sure nothing is flipped and that they are plugged into the correct servo inputs on the Pixhawk.

I’m using a Logitech Gamepad

Any help would be most appreciated.


Hi @hube268,

It seems like you had a telemetry loss after updating, which led you to revert to an older firmware that doesn’t allow you to change motor directions.

Please try to reset the MAVProxy options in Companion 0.0.20 and use the latest firmware.

Best regards

That worked! Thanks!

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