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Thrusters for vacuum

Gday Gang,

ive added 2 thrusters to my ROV in a tube to use as a vacuum, i had a gripper which i removed and used that channel to operate the thrusters but it didnt work.
Ive got ESCs on both but spliced the black and white wires together as i want them to work in unison. in hide sight i could have assigned 2 channels to 1 button.
i guess the question is how do i find the right channel on the config page?
ive got it in Aux 2 on the pixhawk but cant find that in the menu, i managed to do it for the gripper but cant remember how.
clearly a newbie here, appreciate the help and a happy new year!

Hello maybe you can uses the second ligth trigger is pwm

I got it all sorted i was on the wrong channel haha