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More Thrusters - is it worth it

Has anyone ever added additional thrusters to increase thrust.Im running a blue rov2 heavy config and im looking at adding 4 more horizontal thrusters and possibly adding them at 20 deg so i get more fwd thrust. My question is. Would i get more thrust by running the original 4 at 100% gain or run 8 horizontal thrusters at less gain ?

Thank you

You can wire up multiple thrusters, see the BL300 by blue link.

As far as thrust, efficiency and performance, you should refer to our t200 specification: https://bluerobotics.com/store/thrusters/t100-t200-thrusters/t200-thruster/

just curious, why do you need so much forward thrust, working in a lot of current?

Hi, Thanks for the reply.ill have another look at the thruster graphs.The reason more thrust ,is working in marginal currents. Was originally looking at more thrust in only the fwd direction as I would be clamped around a cable so lateral forces are not really an issue.