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14x Thruster, BL300 ROV test dives

Another dive and demo on our BL300 ROV at Angels Camp last week. We upgraded from a 1,000NIT to 1,500 NIT monitor and it’s noticably better, even with late afternoon sun glaring off the screen it’s easy to see. Note the rock we had to use after forgetting the normal 25lbs ballast.


It was great meeting the guys, and actually getting some stick time on the BL300, looking forward to working with them soon. Here is a shot I got of that AWESOME monitor :slight_smile:


Hmmm…since i usually operate my ROV from inside a trailer i haven’t had any problem reading my 32" monitor, but i remember having some difficulty seeing the 15" screen in my truck dashboard computer setup.

I’ll have to experiment with replacing the standard laptop-screen backlight with super-bright led’s the next time i repurpose an old laptop screen as a stand-alone monitor.

For those who have yet to see it, here is our first promotional video from earlier in the year:

Datasheet here:
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