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Thruster Stutter due to damaged coil

So I have a m100 thruster and it has a stutter https://youtu.be/0eLSpYkL2ec
I’ve read around on this forum and some suggested that it was an electrical problem suggesting to check the wires and the pads that they’re connected to. I did that and everything checked out. So I took apart the motor and noticed damage to a coil.

I have a feeling that someone screwed too far down when screwing in our propeller and damaged it.
So the million dollar question, is there a fix for this or am I going to have to buy a new motor.

@AlexLaRuffa That stutter is usually indicative of a broken phase somewhere, either in the stator or some other wire/contact point. Unfortunately, we stopped selling M100s some months ago and the M200 R2 had some production issues got pulled until we can implement a fixed revision.

If you’re desperate, you may want to look at the Chinese clones until we can fix the M200.