Tether and Cable splice tube

Hi all

It looks like the issue of tether splices and cable joins had been bugging more than a few of us! I had long disliked the time and expense of using a 3M product to make an outsized appendage adding drag and clutter to my units so I approached it from the perspective of making the joint as small as possible. Leveraging off the fantastic design features of the Blue Robotics WTP line, I ended up with these and I have to say, I am pretty happy with them. So far I have done just two sizes. One that allow for joining a Bluetrailengineering Cobalt series cable to a T200 or similar size cable and the second one for joining a Bluetrailengineering Cobalt series cable to the BR Fathom slim or similar size cable. They are flat sided to allow them to be easily held with a shifter or pliers whilst you are tightening the plugs. Depending on the amount of interest, I will design them for other sizes. Hope you like them.

John Griffiths

Hi @johng,

Your designs here look great, and Iā€™m glad our WetLink Penetrator parts have been an enabling factor in creating them! :slight_smile:

Was this in reference to our recently released cable splice kit, or just general comments on the forum (like the variety in this thread)? :slight_smile:

hi Elliot

Most definitely as a response to both the BR splice kit coming out and what others had said previously about the process of joining cables. I wondered for a few years whether a simple tube with penetrators would be better and when the WTP line came out, I realized the idea really did have a possible role and could be stripped down size-wise even further. The fact that it can be re-used again and again is a bonus as well.

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