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Connectorized T200 Thrusters (Quick Thruster Disconnects)

This has been something we have planned to produce for a long time and now it’s underway. BlueLink is modifying the standard T200 Thruster and hot molding a wet mate, rubber molded, 3 pin, male connector directly onto the T200 cable to produce what we are currently calling the “T200-WM”.
Obviously the T200-WM Thruster needs something to mate with… So we are offering 2 solutions.

1.) An aluminum, female bulkhead with 7/16 threads (also available in SS or Brass). This bulkhead is smaller than the standard Subconn/Seacon/Impulse micro connectors. For example, the rubber
“face” on the standard micro is 15.5mm, where this one is 12mm.

2.) An inline, female whip which can be potted into a Blue Robotics penetrator. The inline whip is a more economical solution than the bulkhead and it also provides an easy way to manage custom thruster cable lengths.

This thruster disconnect system may not be for most Blue Robotics users as it will add a moderate cost to the overall subsea project price. But for the users who are operating in critical path, offshore, etc., these T200-WMs will allow for a quick swap-out of a thruster without breaching the ROV housing seals.

We are currently in our first production run for a specific customer and will retain a small number for internal stock. If you think the T200-WM will be beneficial to your subsea project and/or operations, please contact us sooner rather than later. We have time to add quantities to this run which will be ready in 8-10 weeks. After that, our lead times should be 2-4 weeks for
T200-WM items we don’t have in stock.

(Disclaimer: The image of the T200 with the 3pin connector molded to the cable is fake!! :slight_smile: The image was “Photoshopped” for reader clarity.)

BlueLink, LLC is an Official Blue Robotics Distributor located in Southern California. www.Blue-Linked.com


Thanks, this is a great improvement. Can you please provide us with the type of connector? Seacon/ subcon?

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The connector is molded on by our partners at AK Industries. There is a little more info on our website. https://blue-linked.com/underwater-connectors

Do you sel the connectors separately or only assembled like the thrusters?

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Yes, we sell the connectors separately. If you have a specific requirement, please email me at jeff@blue-linked.com.

[Update] We are happy to now be offering a lower cost Inline Coupler for securing the inline connectors. We will continue to offer the standard machined locking sleeves but these new Inline Couplers will be 1/3 the price. Just attached the two mating halves of the coupler to the inline connection and use a standard zip-tie to secure in place.