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Easy DIY BlueROV2 Tether Disconnect / Termination

For years we (BlueLink) have been terminating tethers for BlueROV2 cusotmers to allow for the BlueROV2 tether to be easily disconnected from the BlueROV2. Now we have a tether termination kit that practically anyone can use to make the tether disconnectable from their BlueROV2.

Kit Available Here

Our friends at Suburban Marine recently released a new line of wetmate connectors that make this kit possible. Long story short… Cut about 1ft off your tether, use the (4) twisted pairs from your tether for your bulkhead leads, solder wires to the pin cups, prep rubber surfaces, prep metal surfaces and carefully load epoxy into connector. The same is then done for the inline connector on the end of the tether. That’s it. (This termination process with the Baromax Connector parts have been repeatably tested to 7,000m/10,000psi.)

There are two bulkheads avaible with M10 threads that make them the most compatible with the Blue Robotics End Caps.
The Low-Profile bulkhead (above) is the same size as the Blue Robotics Penetrators.

The standard size (above) has a 3/4 " hex nut that works great with the “top hole” on the 4", 18 Hole End Cap.

Full Datasheet

Brass and stainless steel bulkheads and inline backshells are also available if preferred.

NOTE: The Baromax Connectors are NOT compatible with micro circular, wetable connectors from companies like Subconn, Impulse, Seacon, etc.

!! Attention Blue Robotics family of Distributors… Please contact us if you are interested in stocking and distributing the Baromax Connectors for your customers. BlueLink is assisting Suburban Marine with their product launch and business development. jeff@blue-linked.com