Choose of penetrators over micro Circular connectors for thrusters - Heavy config Blue2

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We have been using the heavy configuration for the Blue2 for some commercial applications over some dirty waters which forces us to change thrusters in a regular base. We recently started discussing the possibility to change the penetrators of 3 pin circular connectors which, with some preparation, would make the replacement of thrusters a quick, easy and doable on the job sort of task. With this in mind, my questions are:

Was there any motive or limit to why were penetrators preferred over connectors?
Has anyone tried this sort of replacement or configuration?
Any draw backs that can anyone think of?

Any info or opinion is greatly appreciated

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Hi @JDP, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Penetrators are generally more versatile (there’s no fixed number of wires), and it’s much easier to get a low cost solution that works well for a range of cable types and diameters. Connectors also generally need to be bulkier to support high current throughput, which can mean they don’t fit in standard penetrator holes. Since most people don’t need to regularly remove and attach components we focused our initial vehicle designs around low cost penetrated options.

That’s not to say connectors aren’t a viable option, just that getting them installed and making sure they work well is generally harder and more expensive than an equivalent penetrator-based solution.

Here are a couple of relevant forum posts:

Feel free to post follow ups there or here as relevant :slight_smile:

Hey hi Eliot, Thank you so much for the fast replay! It is exactly what we were looking for.

PS: Apologize, we tried looking for relevant posts but we couldn’t find any.

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Hello @JDP

We have been using the AK Industries 3pin bulkhead connectors and the connectorized T200 thruster from BlueLink for a couple years on all 3 models of ROVs we sell and have yet to see a singe problem with the connectors.

The biggest problem is changing the housing plate to accommodate the connectors. You won’t have this problem with BlueTrail connectors, but we don’t have experience with them (yet). We designed our one plate (8x 7/16-20, 7x M10, 1x M6), if you’re interested let us know and we’ll give you the files or sell you one.

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